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Colorful Stretch Bracelet Set
Gemstone Beaded Stretch Stack
Gemstone and Crystal Bead Stretch Bracelet
Crystal Beaded Wrap
Colorful Bead Bracelet
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Green Glass Bead Bracelet
Colorful Stretch Bracelet
Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Wood Bead Bracelet
Crystal Bead Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Purple Glass Bead Bracelet
Crystal Bead Bracelet

'Wander' - "Not All Those Who Wander are Lost."

A funky and colorful beaded stretch bracelet set!  Wear individually or stacked.  

 *Ametrine ~ is said to be the complete balance of the properties of Amethyst  and  Citrine.  It is said to relieve tension, stimulate creativity as well as balance mental stability and self-confidence.  It is considered a double boost to remove toxins from the body.  Third Eye Chakra ~ Self Reflection

*Jasper is said to absorb negative energy while balancing the yin and yang.  Root Chakra ~ Self Preservation 

1.  Full 13 - Piece set ~ buy the set and save $38($368)!  $330

2.  Bird Charm ~ Jasper stones and purple crystals.  Strong elastic cord.  $29

3.  Beaded Wrap ~ A mix of mini crystals with wood and glass beads.  Elastic cord.  Wraps 4 - 5 times.  $37  

4.  Yellow Beaded ~ Yellow glass beads with colorful stone and glass bead accents.  Elastic cord.  $25

5.  Rainbow Fluorite ~ Rainbow Fluorite rondelle gemstones with crystal accents.  Elastic cord.  $29  

6.  Green Crystal ~ Faceted green crystal beads with purple accents.  Elastic cord.  $25

7.  Multi Color 1 ~ A colorful mix of glass, wood, crystal and shell beads.  Elastic cord.  $25

8.  Blue Chain ~ Turquoise aluminum chain with a pave connector.  Wraps twice, magnetic closure.  $35

9.  Turquoise Wood ~ Wood beads with an accenting crystal.  Elastic cord.  $18

10.  Teal Beaded ~ Turquoise and teal teardrop, crystal and wood beads.  Elastic cord.  $27

11.  AB Crystal Beaded ~ AB faceted crystals and glass beads.  Elastic cord.  $29

12.  Multi Color 2 ~ Jasper stones with wood and glass beads.  Elastic cord.  $29 

13.  Purple Teardrop ~ Purple teardrop crystals with faceted glass beads.  Elastic cord.  $29

14.  Crystal Beaded ~ Large crystal nuggets with a single Ametrine gemstone and faceted glass beads.  $31

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