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Sea Star

Generation Next Jewelry

Regular price $21.00
Layering Necklace Set
Charm Necklace
Chain Necklace
Gemstone Necklace Set
Long Charm Necklace
Layered Necklace Set
Layering Necklace Set
Layered Necklace Set
Layering Necklace Set

'Sea Star' - "Not all stars belong to the sky."

A beautiful collection of gold chains and charms, quartz crystals, and a pave starfish charm.

1. Full set ~ Buy the set and save $10! $110

2. Quartz Choker ~ clear quartz stones, gold chain. 16" long. $29

3. Long Chain ~ gold chains and charms with clear quartz crystals. 15" with chains hanging 13" lower. $35

4. Arrow ~ 2.5" gold arrow charm. Gold chain, 18" long. $21

5. Sea Star ~ pave starfish charm, petite gold chain. 30" long. $35

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