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Generation Next Jewelry

Regular price $100.00
Layered Boho Necklace
Layered Chain Necklace
Layered Bead Necklace
Evil Eye Amulet Necklace
Crystal Point Necklace
Evil Eye Charm Necklace
Crystal Ball Necklace
Turquoise Bead Necklace
'Protect' - "The Best Protection any Woman can have is Courage."

Known as one of the strongest and most prominent symbols in the world, this evil eye amulet necklace set will ward off any evil and negative energies that may come your way. Wear individually or layer away! This listing is for the Full Set shown in the first picture, 6 necklaces and includes:

1 ~ Turquoise bead choker, 15" 
1 ~ Arrow charm necklace, 18" 
1 ~ Evil Eye charm necklace 19" 
1 ~ Glass point charm necklace, 20" 
1 ~ Crystal ball necklace, 21" 
1 ~ Long necklace with a raw crystal charm, 29" 

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