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Generation Next Jewelry

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Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Set
Stretch Bracelet Gemstone Stack
Glass Bead Stretch Bracelets
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Stack
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

'Love' - "All You Need Is Love"

A beautiful assortment of gray, pink, green and silver stones, crystals and glass beads.  Elastic cord.  Wear individually or stacked.

Malachite is known as the "Stone of Transformation".  It is said to help reveal and heal emotional pain, while also easing the wearer during times of change.  Empowerment stone.  Heart Chakra ~ Self Love 

Tourmaline is said to promote inspiration and happiness.  It also helps with self-confidence.  Root Chakra ~ Self Preservation 

*Rhodonite is said to help reduce and suppress anxiety.  *Heart Chakra ~ Self Love

1.  Full 7 - Piece Set ~ Buy the set and save $34 ($234)!  $200

2.  Gray Glass ~ Mini gray glass beads with a Rhodonite stone charm and pink tassel.  Elastic cord.  $30 

3.  Crystal Trio ~ All three gemstones with a trio of pink crystals.  $35

4.  Pink Rounds ~ Gray stones with 3 pink glass rounds.  Elastic cord.  $29

5.  Gemstone Beaded ~ A mix of all three pink and green gemstones above.  $35

6.  Hot Pink Beaded ~ Hot pink glass beads with a mix of gemstones.  $35

7.  Gemstone ~ Rhodonite rondelle stones with glass and metal beads.  Elastic cord.  $35

8.  Malachite Gemstone ~ Malachite gemstones with accenting crystals and stones.  $35

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