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Generation Next Jewelry

Regular price $17.00
Gemstone Bead Necklace
Fluorite Gemstone Necklace
Layering Necklace Set
Semi Precious Necklace Set
Layering Necklace Set
Faceted Fluorite Stone Necklace
Arrow Charm Necklace
Fluorite Gemstone Necklace
Gemstone Charm Necklace
Crystal Pendant Necklace
Long Gemstone Necklace

'Illusion' - "Normal is an Illusion, What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly!"

Beautiful layers of Fluorite and Amethyst stones and charms.  Silver chains.  Wear individually or layered.  

 *Amethyst is said to be a natural tranquilizer that soothes and calms the wearer.  It relieves stress and anxiety, and dissolves negativity and fear. 

*Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress, while encouraging positivity and balancing the energies.

1.  Full Set - Buy the set and save $18!  $150  

2.  Fluorite Choker - faceted Fluorite gemstone choker.  14" with 2" extender.  $35

3.  Arrow - 2.5" silver arrow charm necklace.  Silver chain 16".  $17

4.  Fluorite Stone - Beaded Fluorite gemstone necklace.  17".  $35

5.  Fluorite Charm - Petite silver chain with a Fluorite beaded charm.  18".  $25

6.  Amethyst Pendant - Beautiful Amethyst slice pendant.  Silver chain.  20".  $27

7.  Fluorite Nugget - A trio of rainbow Fluorite stones on petite silver chain.  29".  $29

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