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Fragile - Singlets

Generation Next Jewelry

Regular price $12.00
Stretch Bead Bracelet Set
Amethyst Bead Bracelet Set
Fragile - Singlets
Stretch Bead Bracelet Set
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Gemstone Bead Wrap Bracelet
Purple Druzy Bracelet Set
Stretch Bracelet Set
'Fragile' - "She is not fragile like a flower, she is fragile like a bomb"


This listing is for the individual bracelets and can be selected from the drop down.

1. Amethyst geode slice chunky chain bracelet. The aluminum chain is lightweight and will not tarnish. 7" long with extender.
2. Large purple gemstone leather wrap bracelet. Metallic silver leather. Wraps twice around your wrist. 20" long with extender.
3. Purple wood bead stretch bracelet.
4. Amethyst bead bracelet.
5. Purple seed bead memory wire bracelet. Wraps 9 times around your wrist.  

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