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Generation Next Jewelry

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Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Stack
Gemstone Stretch Bracelets
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Set
Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet
Aventurine Stretch Bracelet
Druzy Bar Bracelet
Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Silver Metal Stretch Bracelet
Crystal Bead Bracelet
Raw Quartz Bracelet

'Fragile' - "She wasn't Fragile like a Flower, she was Fragile like a Bomb."

Gemstones, faceted crystals, raw quartz crystals, glass and metal beads.  Wear individually or stacked.  Endless possibilities.  

*Sodalite is said to encourage rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition.  It also brings emotional balance, calms panic attacks and can enhance self-esteem.  Throat Chakra ~ Self Expression 

*Aventurine is said to be used for prosperity and promotes compassion and encourages perseverance.  Heart Chakra ~ Self Love 

*Agate is said to rebalance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit, while also enhancing mental function and improving concentration and perception. 

*Unakite is said to be a stone of balance.  It grounds the wearer and brings emotions and spirituality together.  Heart Chakra ~ Self Love

*Ametrine ~ is said to be the complete balance of the properties of Amethyst  and  Citrine.  It is said to relieve tension, stimulate creativity as well as balance mental stability and self-confidence.  It is considered a double boost to remove toxins from the body.  Third Eye Chakra ~ Self Reflection

*Amethyst is said to be a natural tranquilizer that soothes and calms the wearer.  It relieves stress and anxiety, and dissolves negativity and fear.  Third Eye Chakra ~ Self Reflection

*Clear Quartz  is said to enhance mental clarity while creating more focus and clarity.  Crown Chakra ~ Self Knowledge

*Fluorite is said to eliminate negative energies while boosting focus and peace.  Heart Chakra ~ Self Love

1.  Full 6 - Piece Set ~ Buy the set and save $30 ($260)!  $230

2.  Gemstone Wrap ~ Over 20" of mini gemstone beads with silver rings and funky charms.  $55

3.  Rainbow Fluorite ~ Rainbow Fluorite rondelle gemstones with crystal accents.  Elastic cord.  $29  

4.  Aventurine ~ Aventurine gemstones.  Elastic cord.  $27

5.  Druzy ~ Crystals and charms with a beautiful blue druzy bar connector.  Dangling tassel and crystal charms.  $29 

6.  Crystal Teardrop ~ Purple teardrop crystals with faceted glass beads.  $29

7.  Silver Metal ~ Silver metal beads with a stone focal.  Elastic cord.  $31

8.  Crystal Nugget ~ Large crystal nuggets with a single Ametrine gemstone and faceted glass beads.  $31 

9.  Raw Quartz ~ Wood and stone beads with raw quartz crystals.  Elastic cord.  $29

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