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Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Set
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Set
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Crystal Bead Bracelet
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Set

'Focus' - "When Life gets Blurry, Adjust your Focus."

A rainbow earth gemstone bracelet set.  Each bracelet has gemstones, wood and glass beads with dangling charms.  Wear individually or as a set.  

*Carnelian is said to give courage and promote positive life choices.  It restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity.  Sacral Chakra ~ Self Gratification

*Jasper is said to absorb negative energy while balancing the yin and yang.  Root Chakra ~ Self Preservation

*Agate is said to rebalance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit, while also enhancing mental function and improving concentration and perception.

1.  Full 7 - Piece Set ~ buy the set and save $19 ($219)!  $200

2.  Dragonfly ~  Rainbow crystals with gold druzy beads and a dragonfly charm.  Elastic Cord.  $35

3.  Fancy Om ~ Carnelian stones, metallic druzys and wood rings.  Fancy Om charm.  Elastic cord.  $29

4.  Crystal ~ Petite crystals with gold and red glass beads.  Dangling chain and charms.  Elastic cord.  $25 

5.  Peace ~ Gold and brown wood beads with druzys and a ceramic round.  Peace charm.  Elastic cord.  $29

 6.  Memory Wire ~ Metallic glass beads with brass charms.  Memory wire.  $35 

7.  Heart ~ Wood, glass and gemstones beads.  Heart and Om charms.  Elastic cord.  $29

8.   Lotus ~ Double wrap black and red Agate gemstones.  Lotus charm.  Elastic cord.  $37

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