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Generation Next Jewelry

Regular price $75.00
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Amethyst Bead Bracelet Set
Stretch Bead Bracelet Set
Stretch Bead Bracelet Set
Glass Bead Bracelet
Seed Bead Wrap Bracelet

'Extraordinary' - "Never let anybody treat you like you're ordinary"

Be Extraordinary!  This sets includes a little bit 'extra' to empower you to be Extraordinary! 

Set includes:

1. Green and lavender seed bead wrap bracelet that can be wrapped 10-12 times.  Elastic cord.

2. A chunky aluminum chain bracelet with a beautiful Amethyst Slice Pendant.  Lightweight and won't tarnish.  

3. A green facelet crystal bead bracelet.  Elastic cord.

4. An Amethyst beaded bracelet.  Elastic cord. 

Wear individually or all 4 at a time!  See the individual bracelets here:

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