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Colorful Gemstone Stretch Stack
Beaded Stretch Bracelets
Bird Charm Bracelet
Chain Bracelet
Glass Bead Stretch Bracelet
Glass and Crystal Bead Bracelet
Gemstone  Stretch Bracelet
Gemstone Stretch Stack

'Destiny' - "What is meant to be will always find its way"

A colorful beaded stretch stack.  Glass, wood, crystal, stone and shell beads.  Wear individually or stacked!

*Jasper is said to absorb negative energy while balancing the yin and yang.  Root Chakra ~ Self Preservation 

1.  Full 6 - piece set ~ buy the set and save $22($172)!  $150

2.  Bird Charm ~ Jasper stones and purple crystals.  Strong elastic cord.  $29

3.  Blue Chain ~ Turquoise aluminum chain with a pave connector.  Wraps twice, magnetic closure.  $35

4.  Crystal Bead ~ Faceted AB crystals with colorful accent beads.  Strong elastic cord.  $29  

5.  Yellow Bead ~ Yellow glass beads with colorful accents.  Strong elastic cord.  $25

6.  Multi Bead 1 ~ Glass, crystal, shell and wood beads.  Strong elastic cord.  $25

7.  Multi Bead 2 ~ Glass, crystal, Jasper gemstone and wood beads.  Strong elastic cord.  $29

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