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Generation Next Jewelry

Regular price $25.00
Stretch Bead Bracelet Set
Druzy Bracelet Set
Seed Bead Wrap Bracelet
Stretch Bracelet Stack Set
Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Memory Wire Bracelet Set

'Conquer' - "Give a Girl the right accessory and she can conquer the World"

Okay, so that's not quite what Marilyn said, but... you get the point. Conquer anything while rockin any of these metallic blue bracelets.

1.  Full set - buy the set and save $16!  $125

2. Aluminum chain bracelet - large chain links with a rhinestone embellished flower.  $27

3. Blue druzy wrap - animal free navy suede.  Beautiful blue druzy bar charms,  Wraps 2 times.  $27

4. Memory wire wrap - metallic blue seed beads, metal beads and gemstones.  Wraps 11 times.  $35

5. Clear blue stone bracelet - clear blue quartz with metal beads.  Blue Quartz is said to bring a sense of order to all things, and release fear, bringing courage to one's life.  $27

6. Metallic blue bead bracelet.  Dark metallic blue nugget beads with a 'glitter' finish.  Elastic cord.  $25

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