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Generation Next Jewelry

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Stretch Bead Bracelet Set
Stretch Bracelet Set
Metallic Blue Bracelet Set
Beaded Wrap Bracelet
Bead Bracelet
Beaded Stack Bracelet
Wire Wrap Bracelet

'Conquer' - "Give a Girl the right accessory and she can conquer the World"

Okay, so that's not quite what Marilyn said, but... you get the point. Conquer anything while rockin this 4 piece metallic blue beaded bracelet set. The memory wire bracelet wraps 11 times. Singlets include a crystal bead bracelet with sparkly nuggets and a clear blue quartz stone bracelet with silver metal beads. The druzy bracelet is 14" long with an extender and wraps twice around your wrist.  *Animal free navy suede. Clear blue quartz is said to bring a sense of order to all things, and release fear, bringing courage to one's life.

*Chunky aluminum bracelet sold separately.  

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