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Be Brave

Generation Next Jewelry

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Geode Slice Chokers
Geode Slice Chokers
Geode Slice Necklace
Layering Geode Slice Necklace
Layered Necklace Set
Geode Slice Choker Necklace Set
Layering Choker Necklace
Layering Necklace Set
Layered Choker Necklaces

'Be Brave' - "The Doors Will Be Opened For Those Brave Enough To Knock"

Tackle any obstacle while wearing one of these beautiful multicolored geode slice choker. Chain links and clear quartz gemstones or metallic AB crystals! Wear individually or layered.

*Each geode is beautiful and unique.  Size and style will vary - I'll get in touch prior to sending to give you the option to choose a geode :)*  

*Clear Quartz is said to aid in relaxation as well as cleanse away negative energies in our aura and body.  Crown Chakra ~ Self Knowledge

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