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Layered Gemstone Necklace Set
Layering Necklace Set
Carnelian Layering Necklace
Stone Pendant Necklace
Carnelian Gemstone Necklace
Chain Necklace
Ammonite Fossil Necklace
Beetle Charm Necklace
Charm Necklace
Layered Necklace Set

'Courageous' - "Be Strong and Courageous."

This is a one of a kind, beautiful combination of layered chains, trinket charms and gemstones. Wear individually or layer away. 

*Carnelian is said to give courage and promote positive life choices.  It restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. 

1.  Full Set ~ Buy the set and save $36 ($236)!  $200

2.  Chain & Stone ~ Carnelian gemstones with double link brass chain.  Heart screw clasp.  16".  $35

3. Stone Charm ~ A single ivory stone bead dangling from brass chain.  18".  $20

4. Carnelian Pendant ~ Carnelian stone set in sterling silver.  Crystal, metal and stone beads.  15" long with extender.  $65

5.  Link Chain ~ Gold plated link chain with rhinestone embellished screw clasp.  20".  $25

6.  Ammonite ~ Ammonite fossil with orange and brass rings.  Brass chain.  22".  $35 

7.  Beetle ~ Large metal beetle.  Brass chain.  26".  $29

8.  Wood rings ~ Long petite brass chain, wood rings and antique clock hand charm.  28".  $27

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